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25 July 2007 @ 11:43 pm
welcome to shirokiya  
Hello, hello! My name is Kira, and I like to fuddle around with Photoshop - which is pretty much the only reason this community exists. Ever since I was on LiveJournal (way back in 2001!), I have been interested in making icons. I've watched icon fads come and go (remember when blinky-gif icons were the in thing?), but my love for icons has never faded!

I used to make icons and share them in pixel_addict, and I've only recently had the desire to share my icons again. So here we are!

I really love bright icons with pop art, weird photography, anime, and comic books. I'm not too big a fan of making icons of TV show characters or band members. Either way, I hope you find some icons here you like!
01. Commenting on the entry in which the icons you are taking is optional, but appreciated! :) (exemption to this rule is rule #3)
02. Feel free to use textless icons as bases!
03. If you are using one of my textless icons as a base, please comment with your finished product! I'd love to see what you come up with. :)
04. Credit shirokiya in the keywords, please!
05. Enjoy, join the community, & spread the word! \m/